And now Jupiter in the eyes of the James-Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope not only examined celestial bodies millions or billions of light-years away, but also pointed its large mirror at Jupiter and its potentially habitable moon, Europa. Again, the result exceeds astronomers’ expectations. The first images of James-Webb unveiled on July 12, effectively inaugurating the science campaign of the largest and most … Read more

“You have to get used to living with heat waves,” says Health Minister François Braun

François Braun urges the French to adopt “good reflexes” in addition to the toll-free “Heatwave info service” in light of the second heat wave of the year. “You have to get used to living with these heat waves“repeatedly, said Friday, July 15, the Minister of Health and Prevention, François Braun, who insisted”good reflexes“watch during a … Read more