Drought in NRW: farmers hope for rain

Jul 16, 2022 @ 8:59am Drought in North Rhine-Westphalia : Farmers hope for rain – fire risk increases Grass grows on dry cracked farmland. (symbolic photo) Photo: dpa/Karl-Josef Hildenbrand Recklinghausen/Bonn Very dry soil, too little rain for months. And nature is far from digesting the three dry summers from 2018 to 2020. Farmers, foresters and … Read more

the heat wave peaks in Spain before reaching France – Liberation

A mercury of more than 45°C: the south of Spain has been struggling with an intense heat wave for several days. In France, the peak in temperatures is expected between Sunday and Tuesday. As a terrible foretaste of what awaits France between Sunday and Tuesday, the heat has set new records in Spain, where the … Read more