And now Jupiter in the eyes of the James-Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope not only examined celestial bodies millions or billions of light-years away, but also pointed its large mirror at Jupiter and its potentially habitable moon, Europa. Again, the result exceeds astronomers’ expectations. The first images of James-Webb unveiled on July 12, effectively inaugurating the science campaign of the largest and most … Read more

Italian head of government Mario Draghi offers his resignation, the president refuses

Published on : 14/07/2022 – 20:28Altered : 14/07/2022 – 22:08 Mario Draghi tendered his resignation to President Sergio Matterella on Thursday, July 14, after his coalition crumbled, but he declined. In a press release this Thursday evening, the Italian presidency indicates that Sergio Mattarella has refused the resignation of the president of the Council. Mario … Read more

Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s resignation denied by president

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, weakened by the defection of a party from his coalition, presented his resignation on Thursday evening, July 14, immediately rejected by President Sergio Mattarella, who asked him to count his troops in parliament. “The President of the Republic did not accept the resignation of the President of the Council and … Read more

Prime Minister Mario Draghi submits his resignation, the president refuses

Published on : 14/07/2022 – 17:52Altered : 14/07/2022 – 21:13 Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced his resignation on Thursday. Resigned by Italian President Sergio Mattarella. Previously, the senators of the 5 Star Movement (M5S, anti-system), member of the ruling coalition, had not participated in the confidence vote on a text discussed in the Senate. Mario … Read more

In Istanbul, a restaurant for the most underprivileged

Published on : 15-07-2022 – 00:17 In Turkey, where inflation is at an all-time high, more and more people are struggling to make ends meet and eat well. Istanbul Municipality, led for three years by opponent Ekrem Imamoglu, has just opened its first restaurant for the most underprivileged. Balanced meals served at unbeatable prices. The … Read more