Health – Stuttgart – SPD campaigns for the preservation of clinics in the country – health

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – The SPD is sounding the alarm about the impending closure of small clinics in Baden-Württemberg. “Baden-Württemberg needs a national supply of hospitals,” says a document from the SPD executive, available from the German press agency. Even in rural areas, at least the fields of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics … Read more

processed meats increase the risk of colon cancer!

Hinatea Chatal 35 minutes ago 5 minutes Eating more than 50 grams of processed meats per day would increase the risk of cancer by 18%, according to the WHO. Last Tuesday, the National Food Safety Agency (ANSES) released a report explaining that: food additives, found in meat processed as charcuterie, because the cancer development. ANSES … Read more

Health – Corona autumn: Buschmann promises that masks will be compulsory – health

Berlin (dpa) – According to Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann, the federal government’s concept for the Corona fall should provide for “some form of mask requirement”. “The effectiveness of masks for private individuals indoors is undisputed,” the FDP politician told newspapers from the Funke media group. “That’s why some form of mask requirement indoors … Read more

City report: It’s the health of the Viennese – Vienna

Mental illnesses are on the rise and obesity remains a problem. The quality of life of the elderly and dental health have improved. The city is now taking stock of how to improve the health of Viennese: “Vienna is on track to meet the goals by 2025”, says Kristina Hametner, head of the Office for … Read more

How Covid Can Affect Penis Size and Function – Health

Some men have erection problems after corona infection. But penis size could also suffer, doctors say. Looking at the coronavirus pandemic so far, it can be said that men have been affected more than women and have come with more serious illnesses, as well as higher death rates. A corona infection can have various consequences. … Read more

Even a little alcohol can damage the brain – health

Even moderate alcohol consumption can damage the brain and impair its performance. In what they claim to be the largest study on the subject to date, scientists from the University of Oxford have found a link between alcohol consumption and iron deposits in certain areas of the brain – even at alcohol levels that professional … Read more

Health – Lauterbach recommends a fourth corona vaccination even under 60 – health

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is promoting second booster vaccinations on a broader front in the Corona summer wave – not just for people aged 60 or 70. If you want to enjoy the summer without the risk of illness, he would also recommend it – “in consultation with the family doctor, … Read more

Alzheimer’s: Can it be diagnosed shortly before the onset of symptoms? Researchers rely on AI

Drying point analysis Can Alzheimer’s disease be diagnosed shortly before the onset of symptoms? 07/15/2022 13:59 Until now, Alzheimer’s disease can only be diagnosed when there are symptoms. But then the neurons of the brain are already destroyed. The researchers are therefore betting on early detection with a simple method and artificial intelligence. Researchers have … Read more

Health – Heat alert – Is Germany sufficiently armed? – Health

Berlin (dpa) – Heat alarm again in Germany: The Federal Minister of Health warned a few days ago that there could be many deaths due to very high temperatures. Doctors ask German municipalities to provide cooling rooms such as churches – if necessary at short notice. For the German Medical Association, future heat waves are … Read more