how large retailers are adapting?

how large retailers are adapting?

Thanks to his communication strategy, Leclerc won a majority of the market shares. But the other major retail players are stepping up their efforts to stay competitive. The purchasing power of the French is largely influenced by inflation, which reached 5.2% year-on-year according to INSEE in May, according to INSEE. Prices are rising, especially in … Read more

Why food trucks never managed to conquer city centers

The ‘mobile canteens’, which appeared in France in early 2010, have faced several economic and political obstacles that have limited their establishment in cities. Eating a foreign specialty, a hot dog or a poke bowl straight from the kitchen of a truck, is it finally possible in the city centers? At the heart of a … Read more

banned pizzas still for sale in Franprix stores

Despite the March 18 product recall, Fraich’Up pizzas were found in Franprix stores in Paris. Sales of Buitoni pizzas are still present on the shelves of some Franprix stores, according to information from RMC† The brand’s Fraich’Up range had made dozens of people seriously ill and killed two children. Read alsoBuitoni case: Investigation into Nestlé’s … Read more

In Iraqi Kurdistan, drought reveals an ancient Mesopotamian city

ARCHEOLOGY – Partially excavated in 2018, Zakhiku’s remains date to the mid-second millennium BC. Global warming is putting pressure on Iraq’s water resources, exposing archaeological sites that were previously inaccessible. For once, the millennial remains of ancient Mesopotamia have emerged from the depths of a lake and not from the arid depths of the desert. … Read more

British tourist sentenced to 15 years in Iraq for old shards

sentenced for “antique trade”the retired geologist was arrested at Baghdad airport with several dozen fragments of ancient pottery collected as souvenirs from an archaeological site. We are no longer playing with Iraqi heritage. James Fitton, a 66-year-old Briton, was sentenced Monday to 15 years in prison by a Baghdad court after he was found guilty … Read more

At Delphi, the intriguing transformation of the sanctuary of Apollo into a Christian city

ARCHEOLOGY – The French School of Athens emphasized the development of the site in the early 5th and 6th centuries. The last fires of the ancient city of Delphi did not go out with the closing of the pan-Hellenic sanctuary that housed it. Dedicated to Apollo and known for its oracle and its prophetess, the … Read more

Life insurance, mortgages, right to a bank account… What will change on June 1

The arrival of the month of June is accompanied by many new features. Le Figaro takes stock of the measures that will come into effect. The month of June also marks the launch of new measures that may affect you directly. What will change from June 1th More transparent management fees for the Pension Savings … Read more

stricter regulations in force

Among the planned measures: e-commerce players will have to verify that the published opinions are indeed issued by people who have bought the product. Misleading promotions, false announcements on the internet or door-to-door recruitment: a European directive will come into force in France on Saturday to better regulate certain commercial practices. Adopted in November 2019 … Read more

In Lot-et-Garonne, a village entranced by the return of his Rembrandt

The town of Mas-d’Agenais has found its treasure: a 1631 Christ on the cross that had been taken from the town for 6 years due to security concerns. Alarms, video surveillance, armored window, “we put the package”: in Lot-et-Garonne, the village of Mas-d’Agenais has just rediscovered its municipal treasure, a painting “invaluable” by Rembrandt, of … Read more

Nobel Foundation returns old gold ring to Greece

The jewel stolen from the archaeological museum of the island of Rhodes during World War II was officially returned on May 19. The Nobel Foundation, headquartered in Sweden, has returned an ancient gold ring to Greece that was stolen from the Archaeological Museum on the island of Rhodes during World War II, the Greek Ministry … Read more