Kélian Galletier (Montpellier) about 2018 final against Castres: “It remains difficult”

“What memories do you have of this final?It was my first final at the Stade de France, even though I had already played with the French team there, it was a great event. It was a pride to bring this club back to the final seven years after 2011. We had had a great season, … Read more

Charles Ollivon (Captain of the British Barbarians): “Chills, joy! †

“Because of your injury you are playing another international match after a completely white season with the French team. What do you feel?It’s tension, joy. I’m very happy that I also found a slightly different group, guys I didn’t know. And then there’s the thrill of a match at Twickenham. I’d never done the Barbarians … Read more

Gary Hunt: “Diving in the Seine is great”

“What was your reaction when you heard that a tour would be organized in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower?I told myself that they (the organizers) had finally done it. And honestly it’s great. There were rumors, but we weren’t sure about anything because it’s not easy to organize such a big event in … Read more

Philippe Saint-André (Montpellier) for semifinal against UBB: “Have no complexes”

“What is the mood of the players for this semi-final?They are already hot (smile)† We are prepared, determined. We’ve been given the right to be in the final four, we’re preparing for this half with a mixture of detachment and determination. We are going to play against a great Bordeaux team, in a final stage … Read more

Esport – Trackmania: “I wouldn’t be who I am without ZeratoR”

“By passing in extremis, you kind of won it in the semi-finals this track mania Don’t cup?Sebastien “Affolter” Affolter: It’s true. We could not have been in the final, it was played for nothing. The fact that we qualified like this (at the last possible race of the semi-final, ahead of the favorites duo CarlJr … Read more

Masterclass by Billie Jean King at Roland-Garros

At the age of 78, Billie Jean King received the Legion of Honor from Emmanuel Macron on Friday. And on Saturday, the American legend, who pioneered the creation of the women’s circuit in the early 1970s (WTA) and who won twelve Grand Slam singles titles (including thirty-nine doubles!), spoke at Roland-Garros, shortly before the women’s … Read more

Sonia Bompastor for PSG-OL: ‘It would be nice to symbolize’

“Has your group recovered well after winning the Champions League final against Barcelona on Saturday (3-1)?We had to recover well after a race that left a lot of marks on both an athletic and mental level. The girls had set the required slider to the highest. Mental fatigue was more present than in other competitions. … Read more

Amélie Cazé on mental health: “We allow ourselves to talk more about it”

Pentathlete Amélie Cazé (37) won three world titles (in 2007, 2008, 2010). Before he had to stop his career after the London Games due to a burnout. She returns to the importance of the mental aspect in athletes. “How do you explain that the mental health of athletes has become a major concern in the … Read more

Mbappe about his extension at PSG: ‘I chose France’

Did your contract ensure that you compete in the 2024 Olympics?Insured, you must be selected. But now we have traded with the club. The club is not against, it is for, there is no problem. Footballer, how much influence do you want to have on the athlete?You need to know how to trust people. It … Read more

The UFC’s general manager announces the organization’s arrival in Paris on September 3

“Are you announcing the arrival of the UFC in France for the next school year?In reality ! We are very pleased to announce our arrival in Paris, on September 3rd, at the Accor Arena, in Bercy. And tickets go on sale on June 24! What time does the event take place? There is a time … Read more