Kélian Galletier (Montpellier) about 2018 final against Castres: “It remains difficult”

“What memories do you have of this final?It was my first final at the Stade de France, even though I had already played with the French team there, it was a great event. It was a pride to bring this club back to the final seven years after 2011. We had had a great season, … Read more

Three duels follow in the Montpellier-UBB Top 14 semi-finals

Mohamed Haouas – Thierry Paiva In the final phase, the scrum takes on an even more important dimension, when each team tries to get the slightest penalty that can bring the advantage. On Saturday evening, Mohamed Haouas (28) and Thierry Paiva (26) therefore have a part of the fate of the semi-final in their hands. … Read more

Philippe Saint-André (Montpellier) for semifinal against UBB: “Have no complexes”

“What is the mood of the players for this semi-final?They are already hot (smile)† We are prepared, determined. We’ve been given the right to be in the final four, we’re preparing for this half with a mixture of detachment and determination. We are going to play against a great Bordeaux team, in a final stage … Read more