Secret Service deleted text messages from the day of the Capitol attack

The Secret Service, which is primarily responsible for protecting the President of the United States, has erased text messages from several agents who were attacked by supporters of Donald Trump on the day of the attack on Congress in Washington on January 6, 2021. sent, according to a supervisory body. Joseph Cuffari, Inspector General of … Read more

China asks UN Security Council to embargo on small arms

China has asked the UN Security Council to decide on a small arms embargo on Haiti, individual sanctions against gang leaders and even support for the deployment of a regional police force to this violence-ravaged country, diplomatic sources told us on Thursday. Read alsoA year after its president’s assassination, Haiti remains mired in chaos These … Read more

the gendarmes in contact with the exhibitors

Theft of their livestock, their agricultural machinery, phytosanitary products or fuel… These attacks on property are one of the biggest concerns of the agricultural world and contribute to the feeling of insecurity among farmers. Since the latter are mainly in the area of ​​competence of the Gendarmerie, the latter has of course made the protection … Read more