how large retailers are adapting?

how large retailers are adapting?

Thanks to his communication strategy, Leclerc won a majority of the market shares. But the other major retail players are stepping up their efforts to stay competitive. The purchasing power of the French is largely influenced by inflation, which reached 5.2% year-on-year according to INSEE in May, according to INSEE. Prices are rising, especially in … Read more

Why food trucks never managed to conquer city centers

The ‘mobile canteens’, which appeared in France in early 2010, have faced several economic and political obstacles that have limited their establishment in cities. Eating a foreign specialty, a hot dog or a poke bowl straight from the kitchen of a truck, is it finally possible in the city centers? At the heart of a … Read more

USA Today reporter resigns over false reporting

She came up with sources and quotes: a journalist from the US national daily newspaper USA today resigned and the newspaper withdrew some twenty articles from its site, expressed its “regret” on Thursday, June 16, and reaffirmed its editorial and ethical principles. It was upon receipt of a request for correction of an article that: … Read more

London’s Gatwick airport cancels flights this summer

Following scenes of chaos and flight cancellations that have hit UK airports recently, London’s Gatwick hub announced on Friday that it would significantly reduce the number of daily flights in July and August. Read alsoAmsterdam Airport Schiphol wants to avoid ‘unmanageable’ queues by limiting flights ALSO SEE – Quarter of flights canceled at Paris-CDG airport … Read more

agreement reached on fishing, lifting of patents on Covid vaccines and food safety

After several days of intense negotiations, marked by India’s inflexibility on various texts, the negotiators finally agreed on all these issues. The Ministerial Meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) announced in Geneva on Friday, June 17 that it has approved agreements “historical” on fishing, lifting anti-Covid patents and food insecurity. That is “an unprecedented … Read more

banned pizzas still for sale in Franprix stores

Despite the March 18 product recall, Fraich’Up pizzas were found in Franprix stores in Paris. Sales of Buitoni pizzas are still present on the shelves of some Franprix stores, according to information from RMC† The brand’s Fraich’Up range had made dozens of people seriously ill and killed two children. Read alsoBuitoni case: Investigation into Nestlé’s … Read more

Bitcoin plunges to lowest since late 2020 in a worried market

The bitcoin plunge is again raising questions about the value of this ever-changing virtual currency. Bitcoin plunged to its lowest level in 18 months on Monday in a no-risk appetite market, which also suffered from the suspension of withdrawals on the Celsius investment platform. Read alsoAccused of ‘environmental disaster’, bitcoin industry tries to go green … Read more

offshore methane leak identified from space

Thanks to satellite observations, scientists have discovered for the first time a significant leak of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, from an offshore (at sea) installation, according to a recent study. This discovery is a new advancement in the technological arsenal that makes it possible to identify from space the sources of the plumes of … Read more

UK braces for biggest rail strike in 30 years

The UK is bracing for the largest train strike in more than 30 years between June 21 and 25, with unions in the sector demanding better wages and working conditions. Rail union RMT also announced a new 24-hour strike on the London Underground on June 21, in addition to a one-day strike this week that … Read more

The very high costs of bank incidents, a French specialty according to UFC-Que Choisir

The Consumers’ Association calls on the government to “to curb the excesses of the banks” on the occasion of the bill to defend purchasing power. Costs for banking incidents are much higher in France than in neighboring countries, denounced the consumer protection association UFC-Que Choisir on Tuesday, June 7, which is calling on the government … Read more