Adventure farm, an exciting summer excursion in nature

21/06/2022 – 16:07 LID press corner A document 20220621_SBV_MM_DE_S~ckpfosten2022_1.pdfPDF – 222 KB Adventure farm, an exciting summer excursion in nature Swiss farmers are making the summer of 2022 an agricultural experience for the whole family. With a record number of 2,034 lure stations, they encourage passers-by to discover nature. 380 farming families open their barn … Read more

Antibiotic resistance, one of the main causes of death in the world / Current…

21/06/2022 – 09:30 CGC Cramer Health Consulting GmbH Eschborn In the shadow of the corona crisis, an even greater danger is brewing with the ever-increasing bacterial resistance. According to recent data, antibiotic-resistant germs were responsible for at least 1.2 million deaths worldwide in 2019 [1]. In order to counter the problem of resistance, experts for … Read more

Diversity in the “House of Reality”: TV highlights 2022/2023 on RTLZWEI

21/06/2022 – 14:21 RTTWO Munich (ots) During the upcoming 2022/2023 TV season, RTLZWEI will feature numerous reboots and new episodes of classics in the popular format. As the “home of reality,” the station consistently focuses on real, believable people and stories – whether in entertaining docu-dramas, daily soap operas and shows, or informative documentaries and … Read more

GEO Nature Day: Campus Landau with animations on groundwater creatures with …

06/21/2022 – 10:15 a.m. University of Koblenz-Landau Landau, June 21, 2022 GEO Nature Day: Campus Landau with events on groundwater creatures On June 25, 2022, the groundwater habitat will be the focus of attention at seven locations in the German-speaking region: Berlin, Halle, Karlsruhe, Landau in der Pfalz, Luxembourg, Rust (Baden) and Vienna. The aim … Read more


Venice, June 20, 2022 BOOSTHEAT SA, a French industrial player in energy efficiency, exhibits its thermal compression technology in Wuppertal as part of the Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE) 2021/2022, which aims to promote the energy transition in neighborhoods and thus contribute to the emergence of cities that are pleasant to live in and adapted to … Read more

Climate foxes have imagined the role of nature in climate change

Deputy LH Pernkopf/LR Teschl-Hofmeister received children’s drawings St. Polten (OTS/NLK) – As part of a drawing competition in May, children from nearly 20 schools and kindergartens in the nature park put their thoughts on climate change on paper. On June 14, 2022, the Association of Nature Parks Lower Austria presented the works of the winners … Read more

Red Cross: Before the first hot weekend of this year – temperatures above 30 degrees are harmful to health

Recommendations and tips for better protection from extreme heat Vienna (OTS) – Temperatures in Austria are rising and the first hot weekend is fast approaching. For some there can hardly be better, but for many the heat is a heavy burden. The following tips will help you keep a cool head in the weeks ahead. … Read more

Don’t forget the tablets: that’s how it works! / Anyone who refuses to take prescribed …

06/17/2022 – 09:00 Wort & Bild Verlag – health reports Baierbrunn (ots) Forgot to take the pills again? The problem is by no means exclusive to the elderly. In stressful everyday life, you sometimes don’t think about them birth control pills or antibiotics. With some diseases, this irregularity is not immediately noticeable, with others quite … Read more

“NIGHT CAFÉ: Where the love of animals falls”

06/15/2022 – 13:41 SWR – Südwestrundfunk Baden-Baden (ots) Whether it’s a dog, a cat or a dwarf hamster: for many people, their pet is a full member of the family, loved and mourned after death. Some even prepare special meals and dress the animal in designer clothes. A trusted furry friend can also replace a … Read more

Overcoming Allergies with PlantaCorp’s Herbal Ingredients / The Power of Nature…

06/15/2022 – 12:15 p.m. Planta Corp GmbH Hamburg (ots) The monks of the Middle Ages already knew it: nature offers the best medicine cabinet. Religious men intensively studied the healing properties of herbs and other plants. PlantaCorp’s products are based, among other things, on this knowledge. However, the company brings the potency of herbal substances … Read more