Kélian Galletier (Montpellier) about 2018 final against Castres: “It remains difficult”

“What memories do you have of this final?It was my first final at the Stade de France, even though I had already played with the French team there, it was a great event. It was a pride to bring this club back to the final seven years after 2011. We had had a great season, … Read more

Philippe Saint-André (Montpellier) for semifinal against UBB: “Have no complexes”

“What is the mood of the players for this semi-final?They are already hot (smile)† We are prepared, determined. We’ve been given the right to be in the final four, we’re preparing for this half with a mixture of detachment and determination. We are going to play against a great Bordeaux team, in a final stage … Read more