the Stellantis factory in Rennes and Sochaux shut down

the Stellantis factory in Rennes and Sochaux shut down

The factories will remain closed until July 1. Production at the Stellantis (ex PSA) plants in Rennes-La Janais and Sochaux (Doubs) will be halted until July 1 due to the shortage of semiconductors, a measure affecting some 2,000 workers. The Rennes factory would be shut down on Wednesday evening, the Sochaux factory has been shut … Read more

The Chinese are in the middle of a banking panic and no one else in the world cares

Chinese banks are facing a major crisis. Atlantico: Local banks in China are starting to show signs of insolvency, desperate customers have even sparked several protests in different parts of the country. Protesters say banks are banning cash withdrawals. About $1.49 billion in deposits are blocked by banks. How to explain this situation? What state … Read more

first financial fines for dark shops

Paris City Hall wants to impose the first financial sanctions by early July on the “big players” in the delivery of quick groceries at home that do not respect city planning regulations. Paris City Hall says it wants to impose the first financial sanctions on early July “great actors“of the delivery of fast races at … Read more

Teslas involved in 273 accidents in the United States

Overall, Tesla models were the subject of nearly 70% of reports of the 392 accidents listed, for nearly all between July 2021 and mid-May 2022, the NHTSA said. Tesla vehicles equipped with self-driving software have been involved in 273 accidents in the United States, according to a report released Wednesday by the US Highway Traffic … Read more

EDF “will not pass the year”, if government keeps its tariff shield as it is, group CSE warns

It condemns the decision of the executive to force EDF to sell more electricity at low prices to its competitors. Heavily indebted EDF does notwon’t make it to the end of the yearIf the government maintains measures introduced as part of its tariff shield to stem the rise in household bills, according to EDF’s central … Read more

Air France completes capital increase

This is the second phase of measures taken to clean up the group’s finances, following an initial recapitalization in April 2021. Air France-KLM announced on Tuesday that it had completed its EUR 2.256 billion capital increase. † Read alsoAir France-KLM ready to grow in a rapidly changing market This is the second phase of the … Read more

TotalEnergies partners with Indian Adani to create a green hydrogen giant

Adani is India’s largest private energy and infrastructure conglomerate. TotalEnergies on Tuesday announced an agreement with Adani Enterprises Limited (AEL), India’s largest private energy and infrastructure conglomerate, tocreate a giant player in the production of green hydrogen† Read alsoIn the presence of shareholders, TotalEnergies must make commitments on its climate strategy †TotalEnergies has entered into … Read more

Realtor Charles Schwab Pays $187 Million for Misleading Clients

The SEC accuses three of the company’s subsidiaries “for failing to disclose that they allocate customer money in ways that would be less profitable for their customers under most market conditions.” Online broker Charles Schwab agreed Monday to pay $187 million to settle a lawsuit from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which accused … Read more

The trio Niel-Pigasse-Zouari is taking another step towards fresh market

2MX Organic, the publicly traded company of the three businessmen, and InVivo Retail, the distribution business (Gamm Vert, Jardiland, etc.) of InVivo, announced the conclusion of “a definitive merger agreement” on Friday. The listed company of the trio Xavier Niel, Matthieu Pigasse and Moez-Alexandre Zouari, 2MX Organic, and the distribution activity (Gamm Vert, Jardiland, etc.) … Read more