Top 11 Stars Who Have Been Scammed No One Is Immune

Being a star offers many benefits – starting with getting super expensive gifts – but it doesn’t protect you from everything. It’s not because we’re super famous and hyper full of aces that we’re sure we won’t end up in a well-crafted scam someday. On the contrary, the richer we are, the more they will … Read more

Sharon Stone reveals ‘lost 9 children’

By Chloe Friedman Posted yesterday at 3:24 pm† Update yesterday at 3:36 pm Sharon Stone attends the 74th Cannes Film Festival. (July 17, 2021.) Getty Images The actress first spoke about the multiple drama in a commentary on an Instagram post from dancer Peta Murgatroyd on Tuesday, June 21. “We women don’t have the space … Read more

Charlene and Albert of Monaco’s bizarre kiss ‘doesn’t give a picture of genuine love’, says expert

Body language specialist Stephen Bunard analyzed the princely couple’s gestures during an official visit to Norway, organized on Wednesday, June 22. “What we see is not the representation of the most genuine love there is,” he said. Stephen Bunard, speaker, body language expert and author of Your gestures say out loud what you think under … Read more

when Isabelle Adjani talks about strategy and nostalgia

Featured in Peter von Kant, the actress signed her first participation in “Daily”, the show of Yann Barthès, on Wednesday, June 22. She discussed, pell-mell, her views on the couple, romantic relationships and the Me Too movement. She says she breathed playfulness into Sidonie, her character in the movie Peter von Kant, by François Ozon. … Read more

Internet users between shyness and amusement

Justin Timberlake delivered a remarkable performance at the Something in the Water Festival in Washington DC this weekend. The video, which has gone viral, has confused some fans. Justin Timberlake took part in the Something in the Water Festival in Washington DC this weekend, along with Noreaga, Chloe x Halle, Mariah the Scientist and rapper … Read more

“I no longer wish to be associated with him”

By Chloe Friedman published 2 hours ago† Update 1 hour ago Elon Musk attends a rally at Trump Tower. (New York, January 6, 2017.) abaca The 18-year-old has filed a lawsuit to change her name, it has been revealed TMZTuesday 21 June. She now wants to be called Vivian Jenna Wilson (her mother’s maiden name). … Read more

Jennifer Lopez uses a neutral pronoun to her child Emme. to propose

The singer gave a speech on Thursday, June 16 on the Blue Diamond Gala stage, in which she refers to the 14-year-old teenager with a neutral pronoun. They sang the title together A thousand years, by Christina Perry. Jennifer Lopez indeed welcomed Emme, born from her past union with singer Marc Anthony (from 2004 to … Read more

Camilla Parker Bowles talks about her marriage to Prince Charles in a rare interview

By Lea Mabilon published 6 hours ago† Update 6 hours ago Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles in the parade at Royal Ascot 2022. (England, June 15, 2022.) Getty Images In an interview with the Vogue UKThe future queen consort returned to the beginning of her union with the son of Elizabeth II, as well … Read more

In Photos, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari’s New $11.8 Million Los Angeles Mansion

By Lucie Lanzon Posted on 16-06-2022 at 17:37† Update on 16-06-2022 at 17:38 The new mansion of Britney Spears and Sam Asghari. (Los Angeles, June 13, 2022.) MLS After a small committee meeting on Thursday, June 9, the newlyweds decided to invest in their new love nest before their honeymoon. It’s a new beginning for … Read more

Amber Heard’s unexpected statement to Johnny Depp, in a recent interview

After six weeks of an ultra-publicized lawsuit with a controversial verdict, Amber Heard spoke to the chain NBC† “I will keep every word until I die,” supports Amber Heard in one of the first excerpts of her interview assigned to the program “The Today Show”, which will be broadcast in full on the American channel … Read more