Dar Essalam American School, an international education model

Dar Essalam American School, the newest project of the Education Development Company (EDC) group, is preparing for the next school year. The school opened its doors to students and their supervisors on Saturday, June 18, 2022. Dar Essalam American School unveiled its campus to students and their companions on Saturday. The opportunity for the latter … Read more

Mohammed VI International University Hospital takes stock

One year after the start of operations of Mohammed VI International University Hospital (HUIM6), the health facility is now one of the most efficient national and regional health infrastructures. HUIM6 has surpassed its goals, whether it be to provide quality care, its contribution to the fight against Covid-19 or to establish a health ecosystem where … Read more

Economic inclusion of young people: Emerging Business Foundation celebrates

The Regional Meetings of Le Matin Group made a stopover in the Marrakech-Safi region on Wednesday evening. The event put the spotlight on the employability and entrepreneurship initiatives of the region and its partner, the Emerging Business Foundation. A collaboration model that has made it possible to find excellent startups and support them in their … Read more

how Akhannouch wants to take up the challenge

In recent months, the government has been working on a new vision for health sector reform. This was stated by the head of government, Aziz Akhannouch, during the plenary session devoted to oral questions to the head of government on public health policy. “To tackle the dysfunctions in the health sector, we have developed a … Read more

The Small Business Act is still pending

The business world has long despaired of the CGEM and does not despair to see the famous “Small Business Act” come to fruition. This project to revise the legal and institutional framework of the TPME, promised by the former Treasurer of the Kingdom Mohamed Benchaâboun for the year 2020, is resurfacing. While we thought he … Read more

Dakhla-OuedEddahab on the way to become an international economic center

The Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region is on track to become a promising economic center linking Morocco to sub-Saharan Africa on the one hand, and Europe and America on the other. According to the President of the Council of the Region, El Khattat Yanja, this region, rich in territorial potential, natural resources and socio-economic opportunities, will become … Read more

Nissan innovates to improve the fight against accidents

The new technology uses highly accurate information about the vehicle’s environment, allowing the vehicle to perform automatic evasive manoeuvres. With the aim of improving collision avoidance, Nissan’s new ‘Ground Truth Percepence’ driver assistance technology combines information from next-generation Lidar, radar and cameras. The safety of passengers and road users is a priority for manufacturers. The … Read more

National School Health Week: Range of Activities on the Programme

A series of information and awareness-raising activities are planned on the occasion of National School Health Week, which will be organized from 9 to 14 May under the banner “Everything to strengthen health in school”. National School Health Week, initiated by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, in conjunction with the Ministry of National … Read more

2022, a fateful year to end ocean health decline

There cannot be a healthy planet without healthy oceans, and their health is noticeably declining. But 2022 could spell the end of this decline if the international community makes the right decisions at the six meetings scheduled for this year, said United Nations Special Envoy for the Oceans Ambassador Peter Thomson. by Ambassador Peter Thomson, … Read more