“I no longer wish to be associated with him”

By Chloe Friedman published 2 hours ago† Update 1 hour ago Elon Musk attends a rally at Trump Tower. (New York, January 6, 2017.) abaca The 18-year-old has filed a lawsuit to change her name, it has been revealed TMZTuesday 21 June. She now wants to be called Vivian Jenna Wilson (her mother’s maiden name). … Read more

Start in Frauen-Wettbewerben: Neue Transgender-Regeln in Fußball and Leichtathletik?

Stand: 20.06.2022 21:50 Uhr Der Schwimm-Weltverband FINA hat that Teilnahme von Transgender-Athletinnen provide a seinen Wettkämpfen stark eingeschränkt, auch der Radsport-Weltverband has seine Regeln. Other Sportarten are possible with new guidelines: Fußball und Leichtathletik kündigten an, ihre Regelwerke zu überprüfen. Von Chaled Nahar, Von Chaled Nahar Auf Anfrage der Sportschau teilte ein Sprecher der FIFA … Read more

Jennifer Lopez uses a neutral pronoun to her child Emme. to propose

The singer gave a speech on Thursday, June 16 on the Blue Diamond Gala stage, in which she refers to the 14-year-old teenager with a neutral pronoun. They sang the title together A thousand years, by Christina Perry. Jennifer Lopez indeed welcomed Emme, born from her past union with singer Marc Anthony (from 2004 to … Read more