France Inter finds a new formula for his morning

France Inter finds a new formula for his morning

The direction of the station changes the morning squares by small details. Charline Vanhoenacker on a weekly basis, an extension of 30 minutes and the arrival of four columnists: the morning of France Inter moves at the start of the school year, Catherine Nayl, director of information for the radio reveals in an interview Tuesday … Read more

Diversity in the “House of Reality”: TV highlights 2022/2023 on RTLZWEI

21/06/2022 – 14:21 RTTWO Munich (ots) During the upcoming 2022/2023 TV season, RTLZWEI will feature numerous reboots and new episodes of classics in the popular format. As the “home of reality,” the station consistently focuses on real, believable people and stories – whether in entertaining docu-dramas, daily soap operas and shows, or informative documentaries and … Read more

VfB Oldenburg starts and runs Ex-Profi Löning as Co-Trainer | – Sports

Stand: 20.06.2022 22:29 hrs Drittliga-Aufsteiger VfB Oldenburg has started in die Vorbereitung and has two Neuzugänge präsentiert. Ex-Professional Frank Löning as new Co-Trainer wurde ebenso vorgestellt wie Verteidiger Dominique Ndure. Der 40 Jahre alte Löning, der als Stürmer unter Anderem für Erzgebirge Aue, Chemnitz, Paderborn or Werder Bremen in the Dritten and Zweiten Liga spielt … Read more

Oak Processionary: HGV parking lots blocked on A1 | – News

Status: 06/19/2022 06:43 Touching an oak processionary caterpillar can cause a painful allergic reaction. The reason for this is the long hairs of the caterpillars. At the beginning of summer they can be found more frequently again – also at a rest stop in Hamburg on the A1. Since Thursday, there are almost no parking … Read more

“The second-hand parts trade is sometimes the thief”, Sunday 19 June on TF1

In 2020, three times more used cars were sold in France than new cars. Cars that need to be maintained. Health and economic crisis oblige, all is well to lower the bill at his garage. For months we got our hands dirty. Research, surprises and discoveries: welcome to the world of second-hand parts. The information … Read more

Cathy Hummels is open about marital issues

Cathy Hummels: Now Mats Hummels’ wife is open about marital issues 06/17/2022 at 7:29 p.m. Ann-Kathrin Götze, Cathy Hummels and Co.: These are Germany’s 10 most famous players Ann-Kathrin Götze, Cathy Hummels and Co.: These are Germany’s 10 most famous players show description Cathy Hummels and her love life are an absolute long-time topic. The … Read more

the sale of the newspaper to CMA-CGM suspended after the victory of Xavier Niel

In the court of Marseille, Free’s boss won his appeal against the sale of the newspaper to the shipowner. In Marseille on Thursday, June 16, the commercial court has just signed the blocking of the proposed sale of La Provence (La Provence, Corsica Press)† The commercial court of Marseille temporarily suspended the approval granted on … Read more

The lexicon of the Church – Wille |

Status: 06/16/2022 09:00 “Man’s will is his kingdom of heaven,” says the vernacular. Where does this saying come from and what does it mean? Radio pastor Oliver Vorwald learned about Goethe and Luther. by Pastor Oliver Vorwald Drama, comedy, tragedy. Johan Wolfgang von Goethe mused about it in his study in 1802. He occasionally dabbed … Read more

Candidate Max Wilschrey is a true Capricorn

RTL>emissions>To display> June 15, 2022 – 5:37 p.m. look A bit of action during the day, a romantic sunset dinner on the beach in the evening – if it were up to Max Wilschrey (26), the perfect date with Bachelorette Sharon Battiste might look like this. His dream could soon come true in Thailand. Provided, … Read more

“NIGHT CAFÉ: Where the love of animals falls”

06/15/2022 – 13:41 SWR – Südwestrundfunk Baden-Baden (ots) Whether it’s a dog, a cat or a dwarf hamster: for many people, their pet is a full member of the family, loved and mourned after death. Some even prepare special meals and dress the animal in designer clothes. A trusted furry friend can also replace a … Read more